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» Multi-stage Docker builds are your friend

For my first real post of my new blog, let’s talk about multi-stage docker builds. This blog is built with the aid of just such a build. A multi-stage docker build gives you the ability to build multiple containers. In the case of my build, it helps me build a single end-product that’s uncluttered by extra build configuration and tooling. Why multi-stage? Docker holds a place in the modern development pipeline for deployed applications similar to the role the classic Makefile has in building packaged applications.
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» First Post

So here’s the story. For most of my adult life I have had a blog of some kind. I like to write. It’s a great way to blow off steam. I also like to brag about things I’m doing or learning about. It’s a pride issue, but I like to think I do interesting things others would be interested in too. My last blog atrophied as such things do. My posts had gotten short enough to be in Facebook post range, so I’ve been doing just that then.
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