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Warning! We are delving into the inner depths of Raku now. Threads are a low-level API and should be avoided by almost all applications. However, if your particular application needs direct Thread access, it is here for you.1 Use of the Thread class in Raku is straight-forward and looks very similar to what you would expect if you are familiar with threading tools in other languages: my $t = Thread.start: name => 'Background task', :app_lifetime, sub { if rand > 0.
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A Channel, in Raku, is an asynchronous queue of data. You can feed data in to one end of the queue and receive data at the other end safely, even when multiple threads are involved. Let’s consider a variant of the Dining Philosopher Problem: We have five philosophers eating soup at the table. They do not talk to one another because they are too busy thinking about philosophy. However, there are only 2 spoons.
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Supply Blocks

When you have a stream of data flowing through your Raku application that needs to be accessed safely among threads, you want a Supply. Today we’re going to discuss one particular way of working with supplies, the supply block. If you are familiar with sequences, aka Seq objects, a supply block works in a very similar fashion, but lets you pull work as it arrives and easily do something else in the meantime.
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In Raku, Promises represent the simplest of the high-level language features for communicating between asynchronous tasks. They are very much like promises between people. For example, I might promise my son I will help him with his school work. I keep that promise when I help him. Or I break that promise if, for any reason, I fail to help him. The same is true of a Promise in Raku. A Promise to return a value is kept when that value arrives.
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Introducing Async & Concurrency in Raku

Before we get into the guts of this advent calendar for the next 23 days after today, I want to be sure to introduce the basic concepts I’m going to cover. I am calling this the Raku Async & Concurrency Advent Calendar, but what do those terms mean and how do they apply to Raku? This advent calendar assumes a basic knowledge of Raku. If you don’t know Raku, but you are familiar with another language, I’m sure you will probably be able to follow along.
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Sterling's 2019 Raku Async & Concurrency Advent Calendar

I have never done a full advent calendar before. I have contributed to some other calendar blogs in the past, but this will be the first time I do a complete one of my own. This is my announcement: I am doing an advent calendar. It’s even mostly written already. So what’s the theme? Raku! Concurrency! Async! Parallelism! All that stuff is my focus. I’ve spent some extra hours here and there trying to better understand the concurrency and async programming features of Raku and I’m going to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested.
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